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How ordinary do I need to be?

Dear Friends,

This begins an interesting venture for me.  I’ll be adding a new blog to this site every Sunday, and invite you to log on and follow along as I address some of the pertinent issues of our day as  related to our Father’s Kingdom.

Tomorrow I begin with one of the pressing issues of our day both in oiur culture and in our churches.  What does God expect from us?  How outstanding and different and unique from others does He expect us to be? How important is it to be number one?  What does God think about us comparing ourselves to other people to establish our worth and value?  How much does “in Christ” teaching help or hurt our walk with Jesus and our sense of  value?

Join me tomorrow as we begin these discussions.

I would also ask that you pray for me. I have a conference on Heart Issues Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 18,19 and 20th at Messiah’s House Church in Amarillo, Texas. Your prayers for the conference are much appreciated.

In the meantime,

Be blessed.


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