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Our American culture is saturated with the propagand that to be number 1 is to be the only one.  In our country number two does not exist as valuable.  Few can remember who played the world series champion last year, or who the Heat beat in their first NBA championship, or who was the Van Cliburn runnerup the last time the championship was held in Fort Worth, Texas.  Most of us remember many of the past Presidents of the United States, but few of us remember the Vice Presidents.  Number two doesn’t count; number one does.

The message is clear from the propaganda. Be superior because everything else is a failure.  That message carries over in the church as well so that only the highest gifts are pursued, the one who memorizes the most scripture is lionized, the one who attends the most conferences, is moved to shake by the Holy Spirit, who has the most information and who has the most spiritual look on his face is valuable, and those in leadership dare us to be a Daniel or a Moses or a Paul.  The superior, the extraordinary, the spectacular, the unusual, the special and the outstanding are applauded.  All else seems to be ignored.  The ordinary does not matter. And none of us is ever challenged to obscure, common and simple.

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  1. I don’t believe Jesus would have fit into the superior #1 category based on His everyday actions, but in actuality, HE was superior in every way, #1 of all #1′s and no one would ever be able to measure up. I believe there are many who do not get the glory or applauds that are #1 as a Child of the One True King.

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