At Smeltzer Counseling, we require a two week notice for cancellations of all one-week intensive sessions. For any other cancellations, a 24 hour notice is required or the client will be billed for the missed session.

Confidentiality Notice
No information is released without the client's written consent. At the age of 13 an adolescent must sign a consent form to permit the sharing of information with parents and others. The exceptions to this confidentiality rule are 1) If you are at risk of harming yourself ; 2) If you are at risk of harming another person ; 3) If there is evidence of abuse/neglect of a child, disabled, or elderly person.;4) If you are involved in litigation and we are ordered by a court to release your records.

If more than one person is present in the sessions (couples or family therapy) confidentiality becomes limited as follows: Any other individual participant may seek copies of the records of the sessions in question. He or she also may release the records to an outside party. When individuals in group/couple therapy meet with John apart from group therapy, these sessions are considered separate from the couple/group sessions unless prior agreement has been made to share the content of the individual session with the other partner or group member.

Appointments may be made via telephone or email. If you call in between sessions, John will try to get back with you within twenty four hours. If you have an emergency, please contact your primary care physician or call 911.