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The Ordinary Christian
God wants and uses ordinary people, yet our surroundings tell us to be or embrace the extraordinary. What is an ordinary Christian and can that really be God's desire for us?
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Journey out of Religiosity
Much of the American Church is religious as opposed to spiritual, led by duties rather than a heart relationship to God. This article explains what religious Christianity looks like.
Price: $3.95
Fifteen Stages out of Religiosity
This article shows Christians what it might look like for them as they go from having a religious Christianity to a spiritual one as John describes 15 stages he has experienced in his own journey out of religiousity.
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5 CD series
Freedom From Christian Prison
Freedom From Christian Prison: Truth About the Heart (On back order)
Freedom from Christian Prison is a 5 CD, 6 message series designed to help Christians discover what keeps their spiritual lives from working. In the American church we are desperate to know how the Christian life works since we are so often told what to do and believe, but not how to do what we already know in our heads. This message is meant to show that by living from our hearts, we can genuinely live the Christian life we seek.
Price: $39.95†† (5 CDs)
Essay Package
This Essay Package includes all five of John's currently available works: 1) The Ordinary Christian, 2) Fifteen Stages out of Religiosity, 3) Journey out of Religiosity, 4)The Heart-Part I, and 5) The Heart-Part II.
Price: $14.95
Featured Essays
The Heart, Part I & II
These essays explain first: Why we do not often live from the heart in our relationship to God and others, and second: What it looks like to live from the heart and how to achieve it.
Price: $3.95 each

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